A complete guide to building a complete wood shop under budget.. including a shopping list of the best tools and exact links to buy those tools for the lowest price along with floor-plans for creating optimized layouts in spaces as small as 8'x8'!

“One of the best guides to small shop setups that I've read.”

- Mark Curie

What Is Ultimate Small Shop All About?

set up a workshop in a garage
  • The Definitive Guide To Setup Your Shop In Any Space For Any Budget  - Everything you need to setup shop guaranteed! - Hundreds of pages of pure no fluff, step-by-step, how to instructions, advice, strategies and resources to setup any type of shop (no matter how tiny your space is)

  • Workshop "Perfect Layouts" - Tons of layouts from small to large spaces you can copy to maximize your work space and make your shop much more efficient.

  • Tool Selection + Price Guides + Secret Suppliers List: Discover WHAT tools you actually need and where to buy them at deep discounts. (Retailers will hate me for this!)

“I purchased this book because I'm newly retired and attempting to set up my shop in a home we recently moved to. I'm new to setting up shop and can use some professional advice. Money is always an issue, but more important to me is the subject of time. This book solves both aspects for me. It contains sound advice if you do not wish to overspend on your shop.”

Tim Simmons

Livingston, TX

“I set up my first shop in a spare corner last week with the help of this book and I must say it has helped me considerably. Many of the tools I've bought with the list provided has really saved me quite a small fortune.”

George Hardy

Conifer, CO

“This is a very good book for ideas. I bought it because I will have an opportunity to build a new workshop after a move next year. The book is well organized and written, with very good discussion of things like space selection, heating & cooling, natural and artificial lighting, electrical, storage, workflow, safety and much more.”

Donald Combs

Ontario, Canada

“Many practical ideas for the not-so-rich. Unlike other books I've read, this book has tons of info for folks that don't have cash to burn. There are a lot of great ideas that can be implemented at pretty low cost. If you are serious about setting up your first real shop, this is the book should have, period.”

Marc Berg

Tigard, OR

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